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Box Fresh Residence



Located just outside Portland, Oregon on the west slope of the Tualatin Mountains in a neighborhood designed around a protected forest of towering evergreens, the setting of the Box Fresh Residence is quintessentially Pacific Northwest. The form of the home responds to both the site conditions and the clients’ desire for views out to the forest from every room while minimizing views into the home from the street and adjacent residences. The home is anchored perpendicular to the slight slope of the landscape by a multifunctional concrete volume running north to south containing both interior and exterior storage along with the fireplace. This volume acts to organize the public space to the west and private spaces to the east. A single shed roof sloping to the south formally expresses the shift between the private and public spaces while defining the homes simple geometric form. By carving away portions of the form a seamless transition between interior and exterior is created providing year round outdoor space and protection form the elements. The public space is one large volume containing the kitchen, dining, and interior/exterior living rooms. The private spaces rise modestly with the topography a few steps at a time north toward the edge of the forest. Broken into three small stair runs the vertical circulation defines the guest bath, guest/family flex room, ultimately leading to the master suite at the homes highest elevation with unobstructed views into the forest to the north and west.

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150909_Box Fresh Exterior Rendering 1.jpg
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